Cycling Knee Pain – Ways to Fix Anterior Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common affair with bike riders. So are you a bike rider? Facing pain with knees regularly? Nothing to be worried.

Where is a problem there is a solution. Here we are going to discuss Cycling knee pain and Ways to Fix Anterior Knee Pain. The full content is ready to give a solution and suggestion to avoid knee pain, even how to be cure or get rid from it. If you have a such this kind of problem then read carefully.

Cycling Knee Pain

So let’s start a dication about the common causes and cures to keep your knees healthy.

Low Height of Saddle

The main cause of knee pain is law height of your bike saddle. If you face such a problem in knees then you will have to make sure the perfect height of the saddle of your bike as soon as possible.

So a law saddle height is not perfect to ride a bike. You should raise your sit up to 27 to 37 degree. Then check the height that fix with your height.

Too High Saddle

As like law saddle, too high saddle is also because of knee pain. If your saddles are placed in very high position this may harmful for your knee your. If you feel pain behind the knee or outside of your knee then you have to understand that your saddle is in too high position.
To fix this problem you should give a placement of your saddle at least 27 to 37 degrees. Then make sure which height is perfect for you. After fixing this option you can feel free to ride your bike.

Ways to Fix Anterior Knee Pain

Bike Fit

Make sure your bike is 100% fit to ride. Otherwise, you may feel knee pain for some unfit situation of your bike. If possible take a professional bike fitting because it will save your knees.

Crank Length

Make sure your crank length that is 2.5mm shorter. If needed, you can replace your crank.

Leg Length Discrepancy

Make your seat height perfect with your leg size. If necessary you can make it up or down. Put a good and perfect show when ride.

Position of the Saddle

If you feel pain directly above or below the knee in the general area of the patellar tendon then take a saddle which is pushed too far forward. By moving your saddle back and adjust your cleat position to a more forward position can help to decrease this and can reduce stress on the patellar tendon.

Fix Anterior Knee Pain


If you feel pain around the kneecap or behind the knee or below the knee or on the outside of the knee then it is a result of overtraining. In this purpose you can follow some basic training principles. As like: You can Increase your mileage gradually and you must take time to recover days between hard or long rides

We are at the bottom line. Hope all the above technique will help you to recover your problems of knee pain. Be safe and have a happy ride.