GMC Denali Road Boys Bike Review – 24″ Kids Road Bike

Riding bicycle is a great a way of ensuring your kids remain healthy. It is also an excellent sport. There are so many road bikes out there, but only a few can feature on the list of the best road bikes. One such bike is the GMC Denali Road Boys Bike, 24-Inch. GMC Denali bikes are popular for their unique performance and the low price. The GMC Denali Road Boys Bike, 24-Inch is an excellent road bike for smaller riders or at least growing kids. Below, I decided to make a comprehensive unbiased review of this bike. I have also included the pros and cons, Frequently Asked Questions and finally the final verdict.

Features of the GMC Denali Road Boys Bike, 24-Inch

Strong and durable

The GMC Denali Road Boys Bike, 24-Inch features a lightweight aluminum frame. Aluminum is used thanks for its unique characteristics that make it strong and surprisingly lightweight. This is also important given the fact that the frame is also the single largest piece that makes up a bike. The forks are also strong and light. They are made from GMS series 7000 steel.

GMC Denali Road Boys Bike, GMC Denali Kids Road Bike

Effective gears

Apart from the weight, the gear train also determines a bike’s ability to go fast. The GMC Denali Bike features 21 speeds and Shimano gears and derailleur which are also known globally as the top designer and maker of equipment bikes. The shimano shifters are strategically placed on the handlebars for easy shits. These shifters aid in providing high quality and smooth transition through the gears.

Great wheels

The discussion on the size of the wheel is one that will dominate the biking industry for a long time to come. Tires and wheel are two distinguishing features of this bike. The GMC Denali Road Boys Bike, 24-Inch features high profile allows Vitesse racing rims with very thin tires to deliver great performance.

Responsive brakes and durable

A good bike should have high responsive brakes to help avert any accidents. The GMC Denali Road Boys Bike has alloy calipers and alloy brake levers which are highly responsive and very effective. Every aspect of this bike is to withstand falls rough handling and bumps. They also have easy to grip handlebars. This makes it easy riding the bike.

Suitable for growing kids

With a frame size of 14.75 inches measured from center to center and a stand over height of 26.75”, the GMC Denali Road Boys Bike, 24-Inch was designed with growing riders probably between ages 9-12 in mind.


  • Extremely light weight
  • Competes with bikes twice or thrice more expensive
  • It is quick and easy to assemble
  • Available in different colors
  • Requires slightly fine tuning once the bike is assembled
  • Durable parts
  • Strong frame
  • Efficient gears
  • Excellent wheels
  • Has an adjustable seat post with plenty of length


  • You may require to replace the pedals for extremely large foot size

Frequently asked questions

Question: Does this bike require Assembly?
Answer: Yes, this bike requires assembly; that is the seat, the handle and the pedals.

Question: I want to buy this bike for my husband, he is 5’11 can this bike fot him?
Answer: This bike will be small for him. I bought this bike for my 12 year old son and it fits him properly. He is 5’2. That means your husband is way bigger.

Question: how much does this weigh in pounds but not the shipping weight and is it really aluminum? I also wanted to find out whether you have tested it with a magnet to verify.
Answer: This bike is 25 pounds in weight. It is aluminum and no it is not a magnet. I am yet to test it.

Compared to other bikes in its price range, the GMC Denali Road Boys Bike, 24-Inch is absolutely amazing. In fact, there is no comparison at all. It looks like one of those luxury road bikes yet its price is really low while the performance is indeed high. This explains why it has managed to remain one of the top rated bikes on bike retail sites. However, this bike is slightly heavier compared to standard road bikes but that does not deter it from delivering the best performance. I would definitely recommend this to anyone anytime any day. Finally, we have to the conclusion that this bike is an excellent road bike, for a friendly price.